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There is a 25-meter pool with water depths from 120 cm to 380 cm. Visitors to the swimming pool can use the steam sauna. There is also a Finnish sauna, classical massages and a Ceragem massage device. The area of the summer swimming pool consists of a 50 m swimming pool, two non-swimming pools, a children's pool with a depth of 30 cm, two beach playgrounds, an area of inflatable sliding attractions, 6 buffets or Bavendo park.

1 km from the hotel


The smallest and cutest zoo in Slovakia covers an area of 8 hectares in the beautiful area of Madaras Park. It contains more than 530 animals of 130 species. Among the rarest are animals listed in the Red Book of Endangered Animals. For example, you can see all the large felines here - the desert lion, the Ussuri tiger or the American jaguar.

5 km from the hotel


The Slovak Paradise National Park protects one of the largest ice caves in the world and an attractive landscape of karst plains, gorges, waterfalls and caves. This very popular north eastern region is a gem amongst Slovak national parks. There are 300 km of marked trails stretching through this enchanting paradise. Even if it might look so, most walking trails are not that challenging, elevation is not particularly high, but the walk still feels like an adventure. Crossing ravines is like an obstacle course full of wooden or metal ladders, bridges, creepers and chains. It's a highly addictive attraction!
Most popular nature trails and tourists points are called Prielom Hornadu (river Hodnad is responsible for creating a beautiful canyon), Tomasovsky view, Klastorisko with ruins of Carthusian monastery, Kysel, Sokolia dolina, Velky and Maly Sokol, Piecky and Sucha Bela.

25 km from the hotel


Spiš Castle is one of the largest castle complexes in Europe, which is also our largest castle. In addition to the remains of the castle, there is also an exposition of the Spiš Museum, which consists of 4 parts:
• Archaeological part • Castle kitchen • Castle bedroom • Torture chamber. An interesting educational trail from Spišské podhradie - NCH Sivá Brada - Dreveník also leads through the locality.